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What’s the problem?  LITTER




Jeremy Paxman famously said in an article in the Guardian, March 2007 “We are no longer a green and pleasant land spotted with filthy places. We are a filthy island in which there is now an occasional oasis of cleanliness.” His view was formed from the comfort of a car and once on a bicycle. “Setting out to cycle a one-mile stretch of quiet country road to attempt my own amateurish survey of rubbish, I gave up once I had counted more than 100 items and, it seemed, hardly gone 500 yards. Of course, some of it - hubcaps and so on - looked as if it had fallen there by accident. But most - sandwich wrappers, McDonald's bags, crisp packets and endless plastic bottles - had been deliberately jettisoned.”

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                          Who is going to solve it? YOU

Those of us that run off-road inhabit a green and pleasant land, but litter is increasingly becoming a problem. We encounter carelessly discarded sweet wrappers, crisp packets, drinks bottles and even energy gel sachets. Extremely remote areas are not exempt; the wind blows in plastic bags, sweet wrappers, crisp packets and even polystyrene fast-food containers

This stuff isn’t going to go away by itself, somebody needs to pick it up – it could be 

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