Ed & Phil consist of three distinct, but complementary areas; Active, Healthy & Fit and Publishing.


Ed & Phil Publishing , as you would expect, deals with the 'books' part of the business, publishing the books written jointly by Edward and Phillip.


Ed & Phil Activedeals with the 'gear, grub and gadgets' part of the business selling quality products to retail outlets. Products range from ankle socks to walking shoes with head torches, muscle rubs, running shoes etc.in between.

Further details on www.edandphil-active.co.uk

Healthy & Fit

Ed & Phil Healthy & Fit deals with the 'talks' part of the business delivering workshops, seminars and other talks to a variety of clients. These range from 'Running for Beginners' workshops run in conjunction with sports shops to 'Preparing for Multi-day Desert Events' talks. From informal talks to customers in shops to more formal 'Wellbeing' seminars run for 'corporates'.