ENGO Blister Prevention Patches - Rectangle Pack 2 Patches E-2REC


Pack of 2 rectangular patches

Rectangle Patch 2.75” x 3.75” 7cm x 9.5cm RECOMMENDED USE Use ENGO® Rectangle Patches for blisters and calluses you get with boots, skates, helmets and sports/medical equipment. Trim to desired shape/size for custom t. Be sure to round corners to prevent snagging socks! Football and ice hockey players use them in helmets to prevent reddened & sore foreheads.

Get immediate relief from painful rubbing, calluses, and blisters. Apply directly to your shoe, not to to your skin. These rectangle patches are great for larger areas, or can be cut to size as required. Two patches per pack. 

ENGO® blister prevention patches are patented low-friction patches manufactured with pressure sensitive adhesive. Unlike other blister prevention and relief patches, ENGO® patches are applied to the inside of footwear or to the surfaces of insoles – NOT TO THE SKIN. This means the patches provide long-lasting protection from blisters and are pain-free to apply and remove. ENGO® patches are thin, sweat-proof, water resistant and latex-free!